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From Search to Success

Join us as we hear from Jeff Cohen, Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant, on what it really takes to land a great job and thrive from day one.

May 29th @ 7pm EST

Nonprofit Training and Leadership

Learn from an expert in the nonprofit sector the skills needed and challenges to expect when entering a career in the nonprofit world. Please note: this webinar will be rescheduled to a future date. 

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Residential Real Estate Investment Toolkit

Learn how you can succeed in residential real estate and investing from brothers Avi and Eli Minkowitz.


How to use AI to advance your career

Discover how to equip yourself with AI-powered skills to propel your career forward.


Take Charge of Your Career

Explore the offerings of our Career Center. Our coaches, mentors, and resources will propel your career.


Paralegal Professional Training

Learn about the benefits of earning a Paralegal Professional Training certificate from YU Global.


Take Control of your Future

Learn how you can accelerate your career and enjoy a successful professional future with YU Global.


Become a Cybersecurity Professional

Learn how you can obtain skills for a successful cybersecurity career.